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The County Line 4-08-2016
4/8/2016  Child Abuse Prevention Month
THE COUNTY LINE                       
By:  The Elmore County Commission   
Submitted 4-08-16

The Elmore County Commission encourages citizens to “Paint the Town Blue” with ribbons this April in support of National Child Abuse Prevention Month. The blue ribbon is the international sign for child abuse prevention and serves as a constant reminder that everyone has a responsibility to help keep children safe.

Child abuse includes physical, sexual, and emotional abuse that reaches across socioeconomic backgrounds.  When children lack connection to an adult, aren’t nurtured, or experience harsh discipline, the results can damage a child’s ability to cope with physical and emotional stress. Research shows these consequences can result in a lifetime of negative effects including depression, substance abuse, developmental and social problems, teen pregnancies, domestic violence, and chronic illness. 

The majority of child abuse cases arise from situations and conditions that are preventable.  Risk factors include immature parents, unrealistic expectations, stress, substance abuse, generational patterns of abuse, and isolation. Parents with knowledge of child development and parenting techniques that have support from other parents have a reduced risk of committing abuse.  Preventing child abuse and neglect is a problem that depends on involvement of the citizens within our communities.  Effective child abuse prevention programs succeed due to partnerships created between social service agencies, schools, faith communities, civic and law enforcement agencies, and the business community.

As a part of County Government Day on April 21, the Elmore County Commission is scheduled to adopt a Proclamation supporting National Child Abuse Prevention Month. The County Commission hopes that during the month of April and throughout the year, citizens of Elmore County will participate in efforts to support and strengthen families in order to prevent child abuse.