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Elmore County Commission

Pictured L-R:  Kenny Holt (District 1), Mack Daugherty (District 2) ,
Troy Stubbs (District 3)  Bart Mercer (District 4) Earl Reeves (District 5)

Elmore County Commission
100 E. Commerce Street, Suite 200
Wetumpka, Alabama 36092
(334) 514-5841 Phone
(334) 567-1109 Fax
Office Hours: 8:00am - 4:30pm Monday - Friday

Please note: County Commission Staff is listed under the Chief Engineer & Operations Officer page.

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Counties within the United States serve as political subdivisions of state government and were established to assist in the local administration of state functions. In 1902, the Alabama Constitution granted governing authority to County Commissions to establish county government to rule by committee as detailed in Code of Alabama 1975, Title 11.  The Elmore County Commission consists of five elected members who serve four year terms and represent one of five districts in the county.   The five members of the commission elect a chairman from amongst the Commission, and the chairman appoints a vice-chairman to serve in his or her absence. A majority vote is required to pass any policy so that no Commissioner has authority separate from the body of Commissioners. A County Commission in Alabama only has authority to regulate itself.  Other actions such as the power to pass zoning, taxation or any ordinances require state legislation.

The Commission approves all budgets and disbursement of funds for the Sheriff’s Department, Probate Judge’s Office, Revenue Commissioner’s Office, County Highway Department, and Emergency Management Agency/Homeland Security Office.  Furthermore, all grants and contracts for the County are approved through the County Commission. The County Commission also appropriates funds to other agencies and non-profit organizations that provide services to the citizens of Elmore County.  The Commission also supports education, economic development, agriculture and tourism in Elmore County.  The budgets and audit reports for the County Commission are available for review on the Chief Engineer & Operations Officer's page.

Under the Code of Alabama, County Commissions are responsible for administration of law enforcement, construction and maintenance of roads and bridges, recording of legal papers, property and license tax collection, and indigent care.  The Commission serves as the custodian of all County property and provides office space for the Circuit and District Courts, District Attorney’s Office, Veteran’s Affairs, Board of Registrars, Board of Equalization, and the Elmore County Extension Office.  The Commission also assists in administering elections by establishing voting districts and precincts, providing voting equipment and paying for election expenses.  

The Elmore County Commission would like to invite all citizens to learn more about County Government by reviewing the various pages of our website.  Citizens are also encouraged to attend County Commission Meetings which typically take place at 5:00pm on second and fourth Mondays at the Elmore County Courthouse Courtroom in downtown Wetumpka.  For more information, please call (334) 514-5841.

Commission Meetings

The Elmore County Commission conducts its Work Sessions at 5:00 p.m. on the second and fourth Mondays of each month (except when conferences or other meetings conflict).  During the month of December, the Commission only meets once; typically the second Monday of the month.  The Commission meets in the Elmore County Courthouse Courtroom, 100 East Commerce Street in downtown Wetumpka. All Business Meetings begin immediately following the Work Sessions (typically around 6:00pm).

The Commission recognizes the importance of allowing citizens, including other elected officials, to express their opinions on the operation of County government and encourages public participation in the local government process. The Commission also recognizes the necessity for conducting orderly and efficient meetings in order to complete County business in a timely manner.  Anyone wishing to address the Commission should be aware of the following Commission Policy.

  • The Elmore County webpage lists all Commission Meeting Dates and times.
  • To address the Commission, citizens must contact the Commission Office at (334) 514-5841 or by email at by noon the Wednesday before the Work Session at which they wish to speak.
  • Citizens and other elected officials wanting to address the Commission should contact the Chief Engineer & Operations Officer in the Commission Office to complete a “Request for Consideration of Topic to be Placed on a Work Session Agenda” form. The completed form shall be returned to the Chief Engineer & Operations Officer.
  • Based on information provided on the form, the citizen’s name will appear on the appropriate Agenda.  The Commission hears citizens’ comments at the beginning of the Work Session.
  • From the Agenda, the Chairman will call the citizen’s name.  The Chair will request the citizen approach the podium in front of the courtroom, give their name, address, telephone number and the name of the organization they represent before making their comments. 
  • Written petitions may be submitted to the Commission before or during a Work Session.
    If a number of individuals sharing the same concern are present, one or two spokespersons should be chosen to speak for the group.  Comments from any one individual should be limited to five minutes.
  • Citizens’ comments are not allowed during Commission Business Meetings but are appropriate during Commission Work Sessions.

    Request for Consideration of Topic
    Rules of Procedure
    Public Information Access Policy           
    Public Records Request Form

    Get Adobe Acrobat ReaderThe Request for Consideration of Topic Form and the Public Information Access Policy & Public Records Request Forms are in Adobe Acrobat Reader(tm) format. If you don't have Reader, you may download it free from Adobe.